Whole30 – Days 10-13

Haven’t had much time to get on the computer the past few days so here is a quick catch-up on my Whole30 meals.

Day 10
Breakfast – coffee with cinnamon, nutmeg, coconut milk
                     2 yolky eggs over a bed of broccoli slaw with cherry tomatoes
Lunch – Plum
Dinner – taco salad w/o taco shell. lettuce, ground turkey, guacamole, salsa, and a dab of homemade mayo,.
Dessert – peach with cinnamon, nutmeg, coconut milk

Day 11
Breakfast – 2 yolky eggs over a bed of broccoli slaw with cherry tomatoes. a spoonful of guacamole
Lunch – plumcot
Dinner – zucchini noodles, shrimp, creamy avocado sauce.  a side of shredded chicken.
banana “ice cream” with a few frozen blackberries tossed in.

I ATTEMPTED to make the zucchini noodles a couple days ago and save them for tonight’s dinner.  Something went wrong.  Very wrong.  Maybe I shredded the zucchini too thin or it can’t be set aside in “waiting” mode for so long.  The noodles were soooo thin.  I’m thinking they just sat for too long and had too much of the water sucked out of them.  Anyway, I made the dish and they just didnt look right.  I ate it anyway…they just didnt turn out like the recipe was supposed to.  It was my first try at zucchini noodles, though, so it’ll be a learning process.

Day 12
Breakfast – grapes
Lunch – Lettuce with ground turkey and guacamole
Dinner – shredded chicken with homemade mayo and cave ketchup
Dessert – banana “ice cream” with frozen blackberries

Today I FINALLY made the cave ketchup.  I had to hold off on making it because the ingredients call for a bay leaf and I didnt have one.  I figured it was an important ingredient.  It turned out pretty well, but I dont like it as much as Heinz Ketchup.  Theirs is kind of tangy and this recipe uses 6oz of tomato paste so it has a strong tomato flavor.  Not bad, but not great.

Day 13
Breakfast – two eggs over a bed of broccoli slaw with cherry tomatoes
Lunch – 1 peach
Dinner – 1 bacon-wrapped pork chop with garlic-lime sauce (recipe linked below), a few slices of bell peppers that were baked in a foil pouch with bacon, and 3 small baby potatoes.
Snack – almond butter

Recipe Link:
Bacon-wrapped Pork Chops with Garlic-lime Sauce  —  http://tastykitchen.com/recipes/main-courses/bacon-wrapped-pork-chops-with-garlic-lime-sauce/


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Whole30 – Day 9

Breakfast – cherry tomatoes and broccoli slaw sautéed in coconut oil and red pepper infused olive oil, combined with two scrambled eggs and a handful of wilted spinach. Mrs. Dash original seasoning was used.
Lunch – an Apple with almond butter.
Dinner – taco salad in a bowl, but with only lettuce instead of a taco shell.

Probably going to have banana “ice cream” again, but not sure yet.  Posting this early because I am going to try to get to bed on time tonight.

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Whole30 – Days 7 & 8

I was quite busy and didn’t get a chance to post your yesterday.
Yesterday’s meals were:
Breakfast – watermelon. Two eggs on a bed of broccoli slaw cooked in coconut oil.
Lunch/pre-workout – an Apple with almond butter.
Dinner – four chicken lettuce wraps. Shredded chicken mixed with a spicy homemade mayonnaise and a couple cherry tomatoes all wrapped in lettuce leaves. And a side of guacamole.
Dessert – peach “ice cream”.  1 frozen peach, about 5 slices of frozen banana, a dash of cinnamon and nutmeg, and some almond milk.

I did Zumba, also.
Breakfast – one large plum
Lunch – three eggs scrambled with a big handful of broccoli slaw and paste spoon full of salsa.
Dinner – three chicken lettuce wraps. Ground chicken with guacamole, cherry tomatoes, a dab of homemade mayo, and some salsa all wrapped in lettuce leaves.
Dessert – banana “ice cream” with four frozen blueberries.
Snack – an Apple with almond butter.

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Whole30 – Day 6

I finally got around to making my homemade mayonnaise and it turned out pretty well. It’s a little more olive oily than I like, but it’s definitely worth keeping. I was going to make the cave ketchup, but the recipe calls for one bay leaf which I don’t have.

Breakfast – two eggs over broccoli slaw, one aidells chicken & apple sausage link, and salsa.
Lunch – one large plum.
Dinner – shredded chicken mixed with a spicy homemade mayo, a couple cherry tomatoes, and wrapped in a lettuce leaf with a side of guacamole. I had three of these.
Dessert – banana “ice cream” with three cherries and a dash of cinnamon.

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Whole30 – Day 5

Breakfast – two scrambled eggs with spinach and salsa. One chicken & apple sausage link (Aidells brand – can be found at Walmart and Target)
Lunch – three small apricots.
Dinner – chicken with mushrooms and salsa, and carrots.
Dessert – whole30 compliant banana “ice cream”
Snack – one large white peach

Well… My banana ice cream WAS compliant to start with. I did my usual bananas with cinnamon and nutmeg… Upon tasting it, I realized I put too much nutmeg in so I went back to the kitchen and without even thinking about it, I reached for a jar on the counter that belongs to my mom. I opened the lid, dunked my spoon in, then drizzles it over my ice cream. It was salted caramel – an ice cream topping. I went ahead and made it anyway, but I do feel a little bit guilty. I ate it because I HATE wasting food… But then I figured, “what the heck!” and went for it. I feel guilty because I know it was not compliant, but overall I have been very well so I think it’s okay. For the past five days I have been eating a lot healthier than I ever remember doing in the past. That alone is an accomplishment and something to be proud of. One little slip up is not that big of a deal. Tomorrow is a new day and I will do better.

I may have gone through my detox phase today, but I’m not really sure.  After I had breakfast, I started feeling a little lightheaded and my stomach started hurting. I was fine after about an hour. I’m not sure if it was chicken & apple sausage link that I had or if it was just me detoxing.

I did Zumba today, too.

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Whole30 – Day 4

Today was a pretty good day. I found almond butter that is compliant with Whole30 rules, got a good deal on my almond milk, and I was able to find sausage that is allowed on Whole30.  Still no bacon, though. I really wanted to buy some scallops, but I never knew they were so darn expensive!  I bought some sweet potatoes so I can try sweet potato hash and a sweet potato sandwich (link to recipe is posted below). I really like the sweet potato hash idea because it sounds very easy to make and it would freeze well. Tomorrow I’m going to attempt to make the homemade Mayo that I posted the link for yesterday. I may try making the cave ketchup tomorrow, as well, but I’m not sure if I have any tomato paste.

Breakfast – roast beef, an apple with cinnamon, and coffee with coconut milk.
Lunch – one large plum.
Dinner – a chicken breast with mushrooms, spinach, and salsa. And a side of steamed carrots.

Sweet Potato Hash Browns recipe:
(here are two different techniques)

Sweet Potato Sandwich recipe:

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Whole30 – Day 3

Today went pretty well. I am beginning to better settle in to the idea of eating whole foods now. I have been looking online at pictures of what other people have made for their meals and have gathered a lot of ideas. On day one I was feeling that this was not going to work out for me, but now I’m feeling more confident. I intended to go check out the grocery stores today to see which ones, if any, carry bacon and sausage that is compliant with this whole30 program, but didn’t get a chance to. Having found recipes like homemade mayo and cave ketchup (recipe links posted below) have really helped me feel like this challenge will be possible. It brings a sense of comfort and familiarity that I didn’t have before.

Breakfast – watermelon, three scrambled eggs with mustard.
Lunch – wilted spinach, chicken, yellow squash, and zucchini.
Dinner – Turkey with salsa, mushrooms, and steamed carrots with olive oil.
Dessert – Chia seeds with almond milk.
Snack – one plum, some grapes, and some cherries.


Cave Ketchup

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