Whole30 – Day 3

Today went pretty well. I am beginning to better settle in to the idea of eating whole foods now. I have been looking online at pictures of what other people have made for their meals and have gathered a lot of ideas. On day one I was feeling that this was not going to work out for me, but now I’m feeling more confident. I intended to go check out the grocery stores today to see which ones, if any, carry bacon and sausage that is compliant with this whole30 program, but didn’t get a chance to. Having found recipes like homemade mayo and cave ketchup (recipe links posted below) have really helped me feel like this challenge will be possible. It brings a sense of comfort and familiarity that I didn’t have before.

Breakfast – watermelon, three scrambled eggs with mustard.
Lunch – wilted spinach, chicken, yellow squash, and zucchini.
Dinner – Turkey with salsa, mushrooms, and steamed carrots with olive oil.
Dessert – Chia seeds with almond milk.
Snack – one plum, some grapes, and some cherries.


Cave Ketchup


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