Whole30 – Day 5

Breakfast – two scrambled eggs with spinach and salsa. One chicken & apple sausage link (Aidells brand – can be found at Walmart and Target)
Lunch – three small apricots.
Dinner – chicken with mushrooms and salsa, and carrots.
Dessert – whole30 compliant banana “ice cream”
Snack – one large white peach

Well… My banana ice cream WAS compliant to start with. I did my usual bananas with cinnamon and nutmeg… Upon tasting it, I realized I put too much nutmeg in so I went back to the kitchen and without even thinking about it, I reached for a jar on the counter that belongs to my mom. I opened the lid, dunked my spoon in, then drizzles it over my ice cream. It was salted caramel – an ice cream topping. I went ahead and made it anyway, but I do feel a little bit guilty. I ate it because I HATE wasting food… But then I figured, “what the heck!” and went for it. I feel guilty because I know it was not compliant, but overall I have been very well so I think it’s okay. For the past five days I have been eating a lot healthier than I ever remember doing in the past. That alone is an accomplishment and something to be proud of. One little slip up is not that big of a deal. Tomorrow is a new day and I will do better.

I may have gone through my detox phase today, but I’m not really sure.  After I had breakfast, I started feeling a little lightheaded and my stomach started hurting. I was fine after about an hour. I’m not sure if it was chicken & apple sausage link that I had or if it was just me detoxing.

I did Zumba today, too.


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